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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a cooperative school?

A cooperative school is a school where parents/caregivers have an opportunity to share their child's first school experience, by being part of that experience.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, your child does not need to be potty trained.

Can I sign up even if the school year has already started?

Yes, as long as there is room we can accommodate your child.

What are the in-class jobs?

You will have an assigned day to work each week (i.e. every Friday) with an assigned job. There is a detailed card describing the duties of each job for you to use during your work day.

e jobs are:

  • Playground/Outside Parent

  • Main room/Enrichment Parent

  • Art Parent

  • Dramatic Playroom

  • Block Room

Jobs are rotated on a weekly basis, so you will perform a different job each week.

What if I cannot work on my assigned day?

If you unable to work, you will need to notify us and find a replacement by trading days with another parent or paying for a substitute.

What immunizations are required?

Children prior to enrolling at school


All students who enter the program must be current on their immunizations.

For more information, please read: California Immunization Requirements.​


Adults working in the classroom
(parent, family member, non-family member)

As part of SB 792, which went into effect on September 1, 2016, all adults working in the classroom throughout the school year before starting must provide:

  • Immunization records of pertussis, measles, and annual influenza (flu) vaccines (SB792 form included in Admission packet)

  • A copy of a health screen completed and signed by your doctor (form is included in Admission packet)

  • A copy of a negative PPD/tuberculosis skin test or TB Risk Assessment.
    TB tests should not be done MORE THAN 60 DAYS before starting to volunteer in the classroom. Once completed, the result is good for up to 4 years at our facility.​



Non-working adults may attend without providing the above information.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

MHPCNS is committed to providing an affordable preschool education for our families. To achieve this, we strive to offer tuition assistance to those families who may not otherwise be able to afford the preschool experience, or who suffer a temporary financial emergency. Our ability to offer tuition assistance is dependent upon enrollment, and the financial security of the school.  Tuition assistance is awarded based on a review by the Executive Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors. MHPCNS will require at least a small monthly payment toward tuition.

To apply for financial assistance, please send an email to to request an application. 

How do I donate to MHPCNS?

Visit our Fundraising page for more information.

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