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What is a cooperative school?

A cooperative school is a school where parents/caregivers have an opportunity to share their child's first school experience, by being part of that experience. You will have an assigned day to work, with an assigned job.


Do I do the same job all the time?

No, the jobs are rotated on a weekly basis.


What are the jobs?

There is a detailed card describing the duties of each job for you to use during your work day. Here are the main jobs:

  • Art Parent

  • Playground/Outside Parent

  • Enrichment Parent

  • Dramatic Play & Block Room


Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, your child does not need to be potty trained.


Can I trade jobs/work days with others?

Yes, you can trade jobs or days.


How often do I work?

The parent/caregiver will work during your child's class, once per week.


What if I cannot work on my assigned day?

If you cannot work on your assigned day, you need to notify the school, and find a replacement. You can swap your days or pay for a substitute from the sub list.


What are the parent's responsibilities/commitments to the school?

The parent/caregiver must:

  1. Work in your child's classroom one day a week

  2. Serve on a committee

  3. Do ten volunteer hours per year (in addition to the classroom jobs)

  4. Must attend the orientation 

  5. Must attend two parent education meetings


Can I sign up even if the school year already started?

Yes, as long as there is room we can accommodate your child.

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